Accomplished designers of robust and cost-effictive network infrastructure supporting mission-critical application clusters and core services. Clientelle include high-profile consumer service providers, government contractors, high-traffic publications, and online retailers.

  • Uptime

    We specialize in design, assembly, and hosting purpose-built and application-specific service clusters and infrastructure. Our designs consistently achieve maximum reliability, performance, and scalability at a fraction of the cost of a typical cloud-based solution. Simple, static pricing for predictable recurring costs reflect our focus on long term customer success - not short term profit.

  • Solutions & Strategy

    We are enthusiastic and sincere in our actions and our intent. As strategic consultants and advisors, we draw upon decades of entrepreneurial experience in several disparate industries. When vision and values align, we thrive in the face of unique challenges and bring creative solutions and effective strategy to the table.

  • Purpose

    Honesty, integrity, and compassion underpin everything we do. We work with businesses we can believe in and individuals aligned with these values. We act with honor and prioritize ethics, respect, and honesty. Though our values do not align with every potential client, commitment to this philosophy has produced strong, long-term relationships of great value to all parties.