Sprux LLC

Integrity First.

specialties and expertise

backed by 20 years technical and operational experience across multiple disparate industries

critical systems

robust and cost-effictive network infrastructure supporting mission-critical application clusters and core services. Clientelle include high-profile consumer service providers, government contractors, high-traffic publications, and online retailers.

growth scaling

keeping production systems online can be very challenging, and there are many ways to pull it off. we always propose the most objectively appropriate and cost-effective stragegy based on thorough research and our clients' priorities and goals.

technical strategy

are you certain cloud hosting is right for your business? the cloud is not ideal for most business needs, needlessly adding complexity and increasing costs. call us for an expert and objective evaluation. our clients have gone from unpredictible monthly costs exceeding $2500 to $750 flat without compromising performance, reliability, or security.

objective advising

we are enthusiastic and sincere in our actions and our intent. as strategic consultants and advisors, we objectively consider our clients' stated goals and priorities. we thrive in the face of unique challenges and bring creative solutions and effective strategy to the table for the benefit of our clients. our personal gain is not a priority.

things we can do

specific services we provide right now and technologies we know inside and out

web application hosting

If it runs on linux then we can fix it, scale it, optimize it, migrate it, secure it, host it, and monitor it, probably revealing substantial long-term cost savings for your business in the process

platform and data migration

We know many things about moving services and data from here to there. Talk to us before migrating your complex infrastructure, moving mission-critical data to a new RDBMS, or any major change to your critical business systems

practical cloud computing

While cloud hosting is ideal for specific applications, most businesses using major cloud products can cut spending, improve security, and increase capacity with dedicated or hybrid hosting. No joke, many businesses can effortlessly handle 10, 20, 50-fold growth for 90% less per month. Skeptical? Call us to find out if your business really needs cloud hosting.

VOIP services

We operate various VOIP services as needed, and we enjoy building out unusual telephony solutions for specific business needs. We aren't partnered with any vendors or 3rd party service providers, so we never push phones and other hardware on our clients in order to earn sales commission.

enterprise VPN solutions

We love VPNs, unless they're proprietary or lacking transparency. We're very good at building custom, complex, and high-performance VPN solutions using open source technology. Interested in 100% private, fast, seamless tunneling to the corporate LAN, with full DNS, routing, and LDAP/AD functionality and no licensing costs? We do that. Transparently connect 50 employees at the remote office without dropping $45k on new hardware? We know how to do that for a few hundred bucks worth of gear. 

serious production hosting

Sprux LLC has been operating live production hosting environments, both physical and virtual, since 1999. Since 2010 our overall production service availability is 99.999%, with several clients enjoying 100% uptime for more than five years. We do this by properly managing production-ready, enterprise-level hardware such as Dell PowerEdge servers and carrier-grade Cisco gear. Our prices for recurring services are lower than major hosting providers, most of which run cheap, failure-prone server hardware and offer dissappointing uptime guarantees.